A Better Way to Drill and Drive
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.   Anywhere wood screws are needed, from building & installing cabinets, to deck construction, setting concrete forms and hanging finish trim, the Jack Rabbit will prove to be an indispensible time-saving tool.
.   The patented locking mechanism allows you to attach and remove the drill & countersink in a quick, one-handed motion. Say good-bye to the other systems...
Jack Rabbit is the Fastest Way to Drill and Drive.
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.  "There are a number of products on the market that offer quick changes between drill and driver bits, but none are quite like the Jack Rabbit. Overall, this is a small but valuable drill/driver accessory. Precise manufacturing and clever engineering add up to efficient and accurate performance."
-Fine Woodworking
"Jack Rabbit makes the combo drill-counter-sink-driver we use around here every day. It's a real tool, not an afterthought."
-Norm Abrams' New Yankee Workshop
"Now it's going to be Jack Rabbit. It just works so smooth, even in hard woods like oak and maple." - J Forrest, Frederick, MD
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"Using the Jack Rabbit, we've seen a 50% time savings on wood screw intensive construction." - Design Fabricators who create fixtures for the biggest and the best names in retailing.
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